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Who is Jon Topping?

“I have always enjoyed the intersection of philosophy and faith. I want to tear down the different roadblocks that hold people back from considering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My goal is to equip Christians with reasons for their faith and to illuminate the reasonableness of the Gospel to those who wouldn’t otherwise consider it.”

Jon is a speaker and writer for Engage International, an apologist for Power to Change, the writer and host of the Ultimate Questions Podcast, and an apologist for Ratio Christi. He was also an adjunct instructor at Master’s College and Seminary for a decade where he had the privilege of teaching his favourite subjects of Apologetics, Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions. He has been involved in apologetics evangelism for over 15 years.

Jon offers lessons, workshops, sermons, and Q&A sessions
for campuses, churches, conferences, camps, debates, and more.

Topics of Interest

  • Evidence for the resurrection

  • How to share your faith

  • Why does God allow evil?

  • Why does hell exist?

  • The problem with humanity

  • The historical reliability of the Bible

  • The deity of Christ

  • The cosmological argument for God

  • The teleological argument for God

  • How to read your Bible

  • Why are Christian ethics counter-cultural?

  • Virtue and the Fruit of the Spirit

  • In support of miracles

  • The “Jesus myth”

  • The intersection of science and faith

  • Islam and the Quran

  • How to respond to cults

  • Making sense of God’s sovereignty


Jon holds an MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola University in California at the Talbot School of Theology, and a BA from Tyndale University in Toronto with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He also graduated from Niagara College with a diploma in film and video production, which is where his faith was first challenged, leading to his call into apologetics ministry.

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Jon and his wife Leah live in Peterborough, Ontario with their two children, Laura and Joshua, and their pets Lieutenant Reginald Barkley (dog), Maggie Mae (dog), Dr. Daniel Jackson (cat), and Spot (cat). Jon enjoys spending time with his family, playing board games, and exploring 3-D art and game development.

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