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Episode 18 - Bart Ehrman with Wesley Huff

To continue evaluating criticisms against the New Testament, we take a look at Bart Ehrman, who is one of the most prominent New Testament skeptics in the world. Famous for casting doubt on the reliability of Scripture, Ehrman has published many books on New Testament studies, and is definitely someone we should learn more about if we are to adequately respond to challenges against the Christian faith.

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Ehrman's major weakness in Misquoting Jesus, at least, is that he doesn't ask the question could God have a purpose in allowing errors in the transmission of the NT text. His assumption is that if God inspired the NT text then he would have guaranteed the accurate transmission of the NT text. The transmission shows scribal errors therefore it is not inspired. But perhaps God had a greater purpose in allowing errors. Perhaps errors show that the text is reliable because no one person had control over it.

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