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The Problem of Hell

Updated: Jan 30

If God loves humanity so much, why does He send people to hell? How can God be all-loving, and yet keep a torture chamber in His basement? This presents a problem that Christians struggle to understand, and a problem that makes non-Christians not even consider coming to Jesus. However, I think this is based on a big misunderstanding about why hell exists. I think there are very good explanations that can help us grapple with this difficult subject. Also, I want to deal with some of the bad answers Christians give, and show how they don't actually fix the problem of hell.

This was the second sermon in a three part series. The other two were on the problem of evil, and the problem with humanity.

This sermon is also available on the podcast "Jon Topping's Lectures and Sermons", which is available anywhere podcasts are available.

This sermon was recorded July 2nd, 2023, at Emmanuel Community Church in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!), “Calm” by Zimpzon


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