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The Problem with Humanity

Most people think they are a good person. In fact, they would categorize the majority of the people they know and love as "good". When people hear about God's judgment against the wicked, it either makes no sense at all, or, they never recognize themselves and their loved ones as part of the "wicked" category.

By changing our mindset into an eternal perspective, we can better appreciate how God looks at the situation humanity is in. Through this talk we discuss human nature, and just how evil is humanity has been, and currently is. And yet, despite our horrible flaws, God still loves us.

This was the third sermon in a three part series. The other two were on the problem of evil, and the problem of hell.

This sermon is also available on the podcast "Jon Topping's Lectures and Sermons", which is available anywhere podcasts are available.

This sermon was recorded November 19, 2023, at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!), “Calm” by Zimpzon

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